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Shipping Furniture to Austria

I am moving to Austria from the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain and need to get all of my household items there. Included in the move will be my bedroom set (bed and frame, two nightstands, and one chest of drawers), my dining room set (a large wooden table with six upholstered chairs), two oak bookcases, two couches, a coffee table and a six foot wooden desk. I will also need to have about thirty boxes shipped as well which will house my books, photos, knick knacks, kitchen items, and other personal belongings that I wish to bring with me. Some of these items will be quite fragile so the utmost care will need to be taken. I need this shipment to be moved quickly so that I am not sitting in my new house with no furniture to sit on or a place to put my things. Please let me know if you need any additional information to be able to give me an accurate quote. Thank you and I look forward to reading your responses.