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Materials Shipping to Malaysia

Posted by: Useft Bareft

Hello and good day to you all. I need information about materials shipping to Malaysia. This is a shipment of 8 pallets that contain clothing materials. These 8 pallets are ready for shipping and each weighs less than 250 pounds. My company is shipping these from Sydney, Australia. Can you tell me when your company can schedule a pickup? How soon after pickup can your company make delivery? Will your company complete the delivery at every stage of the shipment? Or will you delegate part of this shipment to another company? How much is your estimate cost for delivering this shipment of materials? Can you deliver this shipment completely undamaged? Can you also deliver this shipment by the end of next week? What happens if there is damage to the shipment? Do you make good on that damage? I would also like you to send your direct contact information in case I have additional questions after I read your initial information pack. Will you provide this? I do appreciate your supplying this information. I will reply to you once I receive it.