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Posted by: John Harkleroad

My employer has tasked me to arrange international shipping to Malta for a shipment of merchandise. This merchandise will be packaged and palletized on four pallets and ready for pickup by this time next week. The weight of this shipment is 430 kilograms total. How soon can your company schedule a pickup at our facility on the outskirts of Venice, Italy? When you provide your shipping information, please include an estimate on cost and delivery time. Please also include if tracking information is available and if there is an added charge for that service. Do you offer guaranteed delivery by a certain day and / or time? Is that an added service? Or is that a standard part of your delivery service? What is your preferred mode of transportation you will use to complete this delivery? What is your estimated time to deliver this shipment? Do you have enough equipment available if something malfunctions and is not able to complete the delivery?