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Air Freight shipping to Australia

Repert Ltd
Posted by: Yolanda Carradine

My employer has assigned me with the task of arranging air freight shipping to Australia. This freight consists of 4 pallets of materials that will be ready to ship from our warehouse near Santa Monica, California, in the United States by the end of next week. Could your company schedule a pickup by that time? Each loaded pallet weighs 675 pounds and will be shrink wrapped and ready to be shipped. Can you provide your current shipping rates when you send your company's shipping information? Would you also include an approximate time for you to deliver this freight to Australia? Will your company complete this delivery on your own, or will you have to contract any portion of the shipping to another company? Does your company also provide some method to track the shipment during transit? Please also include your company's direct contact information when you send this information. This way if we have any further questions after reviewing this initial info, we will know who to contact for additional information. Thanks again for doing this.