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Expedited Freight shipping to Canada

Posted by: Juan Vasquez

I am here to ask for information about expedited freight shipping to Canada. I would anticipate this should be fairly common, especially as the point of origin is here in Mexico City, Mexico. Will it be better to ship this expedited freight via air cargo, or via the road transportation system? It is irrelevant to us, provided the freight is delivered within the next week. Can your company meet that delivery expectation? The shipment consists of 6 pallets of materials. These materials will be ready to ship within the next few days, and we seek to have the shipping arrangements completed by that time as well. Each pallet weighs slightly less than 600 pounds, which makes the gross weight approximately 3,600 pounds. How much do you estimate our shipping cost would be to ship this freight with your company? Does your company guarantee delivery? We appreciate your sending your company's shipping information to us as soon as possible. Please use our direct contact method as provided here as that will eliminate any unnecessary delays. Please also include any direct contact information you can provide in case we have any further questions.