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Containerized Freight shipping to Netherlands

Posted by: Thomas Isenberg

As I sit in my office here in Newark, New Jersey, in the United States, I ask myself how can I locate a company that can handle containerized freight shipping to the Netherlands. Then I realize that I can post my inquiry here and a company will connect with me. This is what brings me to your excellent forum. I am arranging a shipment of materials to be shipped within the next two weeks and I need to have the shipping arrangements in place by the time the product comes off of assembly. How far in advance does your company require notice to schedule a pickup? In addition, would your company prefer to drop an empty container at our warehouse for us to preload a couple of days before the scheduled pickup? Or would you rather your container be loaded with your driver present? Either way, our employees will load the container and secure the freight for shipping. Including the materials we will use to secure the cargo, the gross weight will be slightly less than 24,000 pounds. I look forward to receiving your company' information. Thanks.