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Containerized Freight shipping to United Arab Emirates

Posted by: Jeffrey Harkleroad

We are preparing a shipment at our Miami, Florida, United States, warehouse and we need information about containerized shipping to the United Arab Emirates. We would prefer to preload this trailer, so if your company can arrange to drop an empty 45 ft container at our warehouse a couple of days before the scheduled pickup appointment, that will work out great. How soon can you schedule both the arrival of an empty container, and a pickup? Although we understand this shipment must travel quite a distance, we would like to have an estimate as to when you will deliver this shipment to the United Arab Emirates. The shipment has a tare weight of 43,739 pounds. Does your company base its rates on weight, distance, or some other factor? Please include an estimated shipping cost when you send your company's information as well. The contact information we have provided here is our direct email address. This will direct your company's information directly to the decision maker who is responsible for preparing this shipment. Thanks for sending this.