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Containerized Freight shipping to United Kingdom (UK)

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Posted by: Robert Lomax

If there is anyone who is reading this post who can send information to me about containerized freight shipping to the United Kingdom (UK), please send it as soon as possible. My employer has given me the task of completing the shipping arrangements for a shipment of merchandise that will be ready to ship by the middle of next week. This merchandise will be shipped from our warehouse that is located at Little Rock, Arkansas, in the United States. How soon can your company schedule a pickup? The tare weight for this shipment will be 14,379 pounds, and the gross weight will be 15,079 pounds. How does your company calculate its shipping charges? Do you charge by weight, distance, or by some other calculation? After you have picked up this shipment, when do you expect to deliver it to London, UK? Our customer has also requested that tracking information is provided. Do you offer tracking within your normal shipping services? Or is tracking an additional charge? Thanks for responding to this inquiry and sending us your company's shipping information.