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Air Freight shipping to United States

Posted by: Kurt Heimlin

I have posted my inquiry in anticipation of connecting with a company who provides air freight shipping to the United States. My employer is preparing a shipment of car parts that is destined for a shop that is located at Van Nuys, California. These car parts are prepackaged and are stacked onto a total of 6 pallets. Each pallet has a gross weight of 191 kilograms. If your company can schedule a pickup at our facility by the end of the week that will be perfect. Would you also send us your company's shipping information to our email address we have included with this post? This will reduce the potential of an unnecessary delay in our receiving it. Please also include a couple of estimates as well. What is your estimated shipping charges to complete this shipment? And what is your estimated time to delivery this shipment? Do you provide any type of guarantee as to when you will deliver the shipment? Of course, we will also want to know what are your shipping and payment terms as well. Thanks.