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Air Freight shipping to Portugal

Posted by: Patricia Smythe

Thank you for providing a one stop location for me to ask my questions about air freight shipping to Portugal. The point of origin for this shipment is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Does your company provide shipping services between Toronto and Portugal? The final destination is Lisbon. This shipment includes one crate. The crate is 213 cm in length, 121 cm wide, and 107 cm deep. Including the crate, contents, and all packing materials, this crate weighs 147 kilograms. How soon can your company schedule for a pickup at our warehouse. I said we are located in Toronto. However, the precise location is at Scarborough, Ontario, which is on the outskirts of Toronto. Will you be in a position to include an estimate for this shipment? Can you also include how long it will take you to deliver this crate to Portugal? Although this is not an express shipment, we would like it to be delivered by the end of next week. Are you able to complete the delivery by then? Thank you for sending me your company's shipping information.