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Posted by: Lawrence Harkleroad

Hello to everyone. My purpose for posting on your forum is to ask for information about air freight shipping to Belgium. This shipment is being prepared for shipping at our St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States, warehouse. It will be ready for pickup by the beginning of next week. Will your company be available by then? The shipment consists of several cases of office supplies that will be loaded onto 4 pallets. Each pallet will be properly secured for transit via the air freight system. The gross weight of this shipment will be 4,384 pounds. Could you provide us with an estimate of our cost to ship this freight with your company? When will you deliver this shipment to Belgium? Can you guarantee a specific day of delivery? If your company has a standard information pack that you send to prospective shipping customers, then please send that along with your response to our questions posed here. The email included with this forum post is our direct address. This will expedite our receipt of your information. Thank you for responding to our inquiry.