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Air Freight shipping to Brazil

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Posted by: Hector Menendez

My employer has assigned me to locate information about air freight shipping to Brazil so that we may fulfill an order that was placed at our warehouse here in Mexico City, Mexico. There are only 3 boxes that we must ship. Each box is a different size and weight. The total weight of all 3 boxes is 77 pounds. So they are not that large or heavy. What will our cost be to ship these boxes with your company? Since this is air freight, is this also express shipping? Or would that be a different service? Do you offer a service that you will pickup these boxes at our office? Or must we take them to a shipping office? If you offer pickup, when will you be available to pick them up? If we must drop them off, what is your address and when are you open for business? The email address that I have provided is the fastest way for you to send this information to me. So please use that to send your information. Thank you for sending this information.