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International Freight shipping to Finland

Ketelsen Ind
Posted by: Jaegar Dulberg

I need information about international freight shipping to Finland. The shipment is being completed at our facility near to Cologne, Germany. We think it would be more economical to ship this freight by a land route to the northeast, but we would like to know what is your professional opinion before we proceed. This shipment will be completed for shipping by the middle of next week. If your company can provide a pickup service by that time, it will be for the best. In addition, we would like to submit a few questions for you to respond. Regardless of the shipping method employed, we would like an estimate as to when you will deliver this shipment to its destination. We would also like to know what measures your company takes to protect this freight from incurring any damages while it is in your care. If you will kindly respond to this inquiry within this forum, or through the email address we have provided here, we will appreciate it.