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Air Freight shipping to India

Posted by: Paul Tisdale

I must inquire into air freight shipping to India. If your company also provides shipping services from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, that is preferred. as this is the point of origin. The freight to be shipped includes 12 cases of merchandise. Depending on your recommendations, we will ship these cases either loose or we can arrange them on a pallet in order to secure them. The gross weight of this shipment is 483 pounds. So this is not that heavy of a shipment. Please include in any information you send me your current pricing structure and how you will charge us if we ship with your company. Please also include your delivery routes and when you will deliver this shipment. I must also ask if you provide some method of tracking since our customer in India has requested this service be provided. Will you also send me your payment and other shipping terms that includes explanations of other items I have not requested here. Thank you for sending me this information to my email address.