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Air Freight shipping to Israel

Posted by: Jilliann Williams

Does anyone reviewing this forum have information about air freight to Israel? The point of origin for this shipment is Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, so if your company can complete this delivery between these two locations, please send your company's information to me as soon as possible. The freight will be ready to ship by the beginning of next week, so if your company can be available by then we can work out the pickup appointment after we have reviewed the information you provide. Please include a schedule that shows your current rates and shipping routes. There should also be a means to track this shipment during transit. When will you promise to deliver this shipment to its destination? Do you have information about having advanced security screening so there will be no delays upon arrival to Israeli customs? We have included our direct contact information with this forum so we will receive this information without delay. Thank you for sending us this information. And please include your contact information so that we may have a way to contact you if we have any further questions.