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Air Freight shipping to Italy

Posted by: Kyle Baker

Are there any company representatives who frequent this forum who can respond to my inquiry into air freight shipping to Italy? If so, will you please send your company's shipping information to my email address? I have provided it here so I will receive it quickly. The freight concerned is only one 2 ft long, 1.5 ft wide, and 10 inches deep box that weighs 12 pounds including the packing material. Please tell me how much you may charge me to ship this package with your company. Please also tell me if you will guarantee the delivery by a certain time. Do you provide tracking information packages that are shipping with your company? Is there an additional charge for this? Also, please send me a copy of your payment terms as well as any other shipping information that may be necessary for me to ship this package with your company. Oh, and please also include your direct contact information within the email so that we may discuss when to arrange for a pickup. Thanks.