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Air Freight shipping to Korea (South)

Posted by: Paolo Luberto

Does your company provide air freight shipping to Korea (South)? Do you provide this service from Genoa, Italy? If so, then please contact me as soon as possible. The shipment will be fully prepared for shipping by the end of next week and we want to have the shipping arrangements completed as quickly as possible before then. We have a small machine that will be packaged into a wooden crate. Once completed, the gross weight will be 329 kilograms. The size of the wooden crate is 213 cm in length, 122 cm wide, and 120 cm deep. Will your company arrange for shipping from our warehouse to the nearest airport terminal? Or is this something we must contract a different company to accomplish? When do you estimate you will deliver this cargo to South Korea? Will your company also complete the delivery once it has arrived in South Korea? Do you have a cost estimate you can send me? Thank for sending me this information. I will look to receive it in my email account soon.