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Air Freight shipping to Norway

Lucas Merchandise
Posted by: Todd Oswell

I am looking for information about air freight shipping to Norway. The shipment includes 7 pallets of merchandise that is being prepared for shipping at this very moment. The reason we are posting this now is due to our regular courier becoming temporarily unavailable and we seek to establish a connection with another courier as quickly as possible. So your prompt response to this inquiry will be greatly appreciated. These 7 pallets are to be shipped from our warehouse here in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States. We will have the shipment ready for pickup by tomorrow. When will your company be available to schedule a pickup? Also, how soon will you deliver this cargo to Oslo, Norway? The gross weight of these 7 pallets will be 1,274 pounds. What is your estimated shipping charge to complete this shipment? We have included our direct email address for you to send your response to our inquiry. This will direct your response to the person who is processing this shipment. Thank you for your reply and we will contact you shortly to schedule a pickup appointment.