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Air Freight shipping to Switzerland

Bartno Corp
Posted by: Johnson Barrimore

I am posting here to ask the obvious questions about air freight shipping to Switzerland. Of course, I am stating that my questions are of an obvious nature as anyone who is interested in shipping services. I am preparing an order for shipment at our warehouse here in Topeka, Kansas, in the United States. Once the order is ready, it is to be shipped to our customer in Zurich. This is a shipment of ball bearings that will be packaged and stacked onto pallets. The total number of pallets will be 5, and the combined weight of this shipment will be 2,154 pounds, or 977 kilograms. Although this does not require express shipping, we think the most efficient transportation mode will be by air freight. Please provide an estimate of your shipping charges to complete this shipment. Please also include when you will deliver it as well. There is a customer request that tracking information be provided. Does your company include this as part of your standard shipping service, or is this an additional charge? Thank you for your prompt reply to our inquiry.