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Container Freight shipping to Poland

Northern Telecom Industries
Posted by: Nate Trenton

I work for an employer here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we need information about container freight shipping to Poland. Since we have a couple of days before the product will be ready to ship, I thought it a good idea to begin asking questions about what we can expect when we continue with the shipping. This shipment is a load of glass, that is packaged in wooden crates. Each crate is a different size and weight, and are padded to protect the product from damage during shipping. There will be 27 of these wooden crates, and the gross weight of this shipment will be 17 metric tonnes. By our previous experience, this shipment will require a 48 ft container. We would like to know how much of an advanced notice does your company require before scheduling a pickup appointment? When will your company deliver this shipment to Poland? Will you also provide tracking information for this shipment? Thank you for sending your company's shipping information to our email address. We will contact you as soon as possible after we have reviewed the information you send.