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Air Freight shipping to Seychelles

Posted by: William Purdue

I work for a company that is located at Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK). I am arranging the shipping for a customer and I need information about air freight shipping to Seychelles. Does your company process international air freight shipping? One of the things we want to know is when is your company available to begin the shipping of this freight? Would you include this in the information pack you will send? Please also include what is your estimated time to deliver. When you send us this information, please include what your current rates are. Please also include when you will deliver this shipment. Do you have tracking information we can access? Will you guarantee the delivery by a specific day? Does Seychelles have an airport that you can deliver this cargo? What are your claims terms and do you make good on any losses or damages that may occur during the shipping? Please include this information to our provided email address. This is the fastest way to contact us. Thank you for sending us this information.