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Air Freight shipping to Russia

Unicort Ind.
Posted by: David Simpson

How is it best to prepare an order for air freight shipping to Russia? Are there any special considerations as far as customs? How long will it take a shipment to clear their customs office? It may be simple for you to see that this my company's first shipment to Russia, so there are many questions that should have answers. Is it possible for you to send your company's standard information to my email address? I think this may answer most of my questions so that I will not feel like I am inundating you with so many questions in this brief space. If you will be so kind as to tell me how do I setup an account and start shipping with your company. Please also tell me how many days notice do you need for you to arrange a pickup. Must we enter into a contract with your company? I really appreciate your taking the time to send me your company's information. And will you please send your contact information as well? That way we will know who we are to contact when arranging a pickup.