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Air Freight shipping to Lithuania

Quinones Company
Posted by: Gerardo Quinones

My company is completing an order from a new customer. While having new customers is good, this has presented us with a few questions. We have never shipped to this destination and we need information about air freight shipping to Lithuania. We are shipping this from our facility at Juarez, Mexico, so we will need information that includes shipping from this location. Please email us with this information at your earliest possible convenience as this order will be ready to ship by the middle of next week. How far in advance does your company require a notice before you can schedule a pickup at our location? Will we be able to purchase expedited shipping services? How may we be able to send you a payment for your shipping services? Will we be able to pay online? What other online account management services do you provide to your customers? Can we also track the shipment by logging into our online account? I understand that I have asked many questions in this brief space. Please include your company's typical information to my email address.