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Containerized Ocean cargo to Haiti

Bonjoyl Ltd.
Posted by: Peter Brown

My employer is located here at Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. This is on the outskirts of Toronto. We are preparing a shipment of glass products and we need information about containerized ocean cargo to Haiti. We already have experience in preparing our products for shipping via a container. However, we have not shipped anything to Haiti and we need some specific information. For instance, what are the customs regulations for Haiti? Are there any incidental charges that may be imposed on this shipment by the Haitian government? Are we required to purchase an insurance policy? What are the fees, taxes, or duties that must be paid? We will also need to know if your company is properly insured and what your liability limit is. Once we have established contact with your company, how do we setup an account so that we can initiate a pickup appointment? How much notice do you require before you can schedule that pickup? I will appreciate it if you will send this information through the message system of this forum. This will direct your information to the appropriate person. Thanks for sending this.