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Air Freight shipping to Slovakia

Posted by: Edilbert Arreguin

Being located near to Mexico City, Mexico, our company is near to many transportation options, including air freight. However, we are about to ship an order that we need some additional information. Can your company send us information about air freight shipping to Slovakia? If you can, then please send this information to us at your earliest possible convenience. This shipment will be ready by the middle of next week. So we want to have the shipping arrangements complete before then. Some of the questions we have include those about how the customs process with Slovakia works. Is your company familiar with their customs? Will we have to prepay any duties, taxes, or fees? Or is this something the customer must pay if necessary? Are there any incidental charges that will be assessed by the Slovakian government that we will be liable to pay? Please send this information to the included email address. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.