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Air Freight shipping to Mexico

Posted by: Macario Rizzolo

We normally ship through any of the major air couriers, but we are seeking alternatives. Therefore, we are asking for information about air freight shipping to Mexico. If you would be kind enough to send this information to our email account that is listed with this forum we will greatly appreciate it. We are fairly familiar with the various customs regulations. However, what we want to know is how we will go about doing business with your company and also what sets your services apart from the many other shipping and logistics companies that offer their services to the market. If we decide to use your company's services, we will assume that we must negotiate our contract terms and then have an account setup. Once this is done, will we also setup with an online account access? What information might we be able to access through the online account? Can we update shipping information? Or perhaps even submit payments online? Will we be able to access tracking information? These are some of the questions that we will appreciate having your responses. Thank you for sending this to us, and we will reply to this information in kind.