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Air Freight shipping to Croatia

Posted by: Azael Dominguez

I seek the counsel of a company who is familiar with air freight shipping to Croatia. Our warehouse is locate at Monterrey, Mexico, which is where we will ship this freight. The freight includes 6 pallets that are stacked with boxes of material. The weight of these 6 pallets is 441 kilograms. We are asking for information not only about how much you will charge us to ship with your company, but also your response to the questions we are including here. If we process multiple shipments with your company, at what point will we be eligible to receive a discount? Does your company add a fuel surcharge onto the overall shipping charge? How long will it be before our customer in Croatia receives this shipment? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? If so, how much extra does that cost? If the freight is damaged during transit, does your company pay for the declared value of the cargo? How long will we have to wait before you make that payment? Is it possible for your company to arrive at our facility next week to make the pickup?