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Air Freight shipping to China

Modafferi Enterprises
Posted by: Cason Modafferi

Is someone here able to provide me with information about air freight shipping to China? My company will be shipping from Genoa, Italy. How do you deal with the Chinese customs? Will there be any incidental charges assessed by the Chinese government on imports? What are the duties, fees, and taxes that we can expect to pay when this shipment arrives at China? Is your company licensed and insured to conduct business in China? Of course, we are assuming that your company will both pickup and deliver this shipment. If you are not, then please provide the information of the other company as well. What will happen if this shipment is held up at customs for any reason? Will you notify us of the reason for any delay and also any potential resolutions? It is easy to understand based on our questions that we have not processed any shipments to China and we want to have the facts before this shipment leaves our facility. Please send us as much information as possible both about the questions I have just presented as well as your company's information. Thank you for sending this information.