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International Freight shipping to Hungary

Fecteau Enterprises
Posted by: Bellino Fecteau

I own a small company located here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My company has received an order from a customer that the location is new to us in that we have not shipped to it previously. This is why I am here to ask for information about international freight shipping to Hungary. What information must we have to properly prepare this shipment so that it will not be delayed by the customs checkpoints at Hungary? Are there any taxes, fees, or duties that must be paid at the customs area? What documentation must we have accompanying the shipment so that it will not be delayed? If it is delayed at customs, will you notify us? Will you also notify us of the cause for the delay and any potential solutions? How long will it take for you to deliver this shipment to our customer in Hungary? Is there any difference in cost or time to delivery between either air or ocean shipping?