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Air Freight shipping to Ukraine

Company Pedulla
Posted by: Mike Hampton

Thanks for responding to my inquiry about air freight shipping to Ukraine. For this shipment, the point of origin is from our warehouse at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. How soon can your company respond to a notice that the shipment is ready for a pickup? Once you have picked up the freight, how long will it take you to deliver it to Ukraine? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? Is that at an additional cost? Is your air freight service classed as an expedited service? If not, do you also offer an expedited air freight service? What information must we provide in order to have an account set up so that we may begin shipping with your company? What billing and payment options does your company have available? Do you accept purchase orders? If a shipment is lost, stolen, or damaged during transit, what procedures are necessary for us to follow in order to receive compensation for this?