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Furniture Freight shipping to Singapore

Posted by: Brooke MacDonald

Beginning this summer, my company (VDOT) is going to be opening up the Singapore market place for its shipments. We sell high end office furniture so need help with the shipping of this bulk freight to Singapore. The types of furniture we sell the most of are high end desks, leather executive chairs, waiting room furniture, such as couches and ottomans, coffee tables and side tables, conference room furniture like long tables and chairs, and break room furniture like lunch tables and coordinating chairs. We also sell some office accessories such as ficca plants and pieces of art work to hang on the walls, but these are not our bulk sales and so will not be making up the majority of our freight shipments, although they will be accompanying some orders. We need to know your proposed route and what Customs paperwork we will need to have on file so please include that info with your bid.