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Air Freight shipping to Romania

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Posted by: Darniel Navarre

I am here to make an inquiry into air freight shipping to Romania. So if your company provides this service, I ask you to please send information about your company's shipping services to the provided email address. Although I am certain your standard information email will include the answers to most, if not all, of my questions, I will include some of them here just in case. We are shipping from Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada. Do you have a set shipping rate for shipments between Canada and Romania? Do you also offer an expedited freight shipping service? Once the freight is shipped, is it possible to upgrade the shipping service from the standard air freight to an expedited air freight service? What are the cost and delivery time differences between the two services? Do you include tracking information with both services, or only one of them? What is the procedure to follow if our shipment is delayed? Also, does your claims policy cover the full declared value of the shipment, or only a portion?