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Air Freight shipping to Kuwait

Posted by: Generosa Batista

Are there any company's who may be represented in this forum who provide air freight shipping to Kuwait? We would prefer that you can provide this service from our location at Barcelona, Spain. Since it is your expertise that I am here to request information from, I must ask if there is any advice that you can provide that will help us in preparing our freight for air shipping to Kuwait. We normally only ship to other European Union (EU) member countries, so we are a little confused about what is involved in preparing a shipment to move across this distance. Must we prepare our shipment any differently? Well, except for the documentation, which will include customs documents that are specific to Kuwait. Incidentally, we will fax those customs documents to you 2 days prior to the scheduled pickup appointment. Does your air freight service also include expedited service? Is there really much difference between the two types of air freight services? I will look for your information to arrive in my email's inbox. Thanks for sending it.