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Air Freight shipping to Turkey

Posted by: Luigino Giliberti

I need to ship a package from our company here in Rochester, New York, in the United States. Our customer has requested this package be sent by way of air freight shipping to Turkey. The package is only about 3 ft long by 2 ft wide, and 2 ft deep. It weighs less than 17 pounds. Can you include a cost estimate with the rest of your company's shipping information? Thanks. I must also ask you when you can make a pickup at our warehouse, and also when will you deliver this package to Turkey? Our customer has not requested expedited shipping. However, if you also offer this service, please include information about it as well. It may be just as cost effective to ship it that way. When will we be billed for our shipping charges? Can we pay these charges online by using any of your available payment options? Oh, and do you also offer tracking information? Thanks.