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Air Freight shipping to Iceland

Posted by: Gabriele Bifano

Hello and thank you for answering my post about air freight shipping to Iceland. Since I am shipping from White Plains, New York, in the United States, I really would not think that it would be that difficult to locate a reliable transportation company who can provide shipping services between here and Iceland. There are a few things that I am posting here to ask about. I would like to know if there are any additional packaging requirements that must be met due to the shipment being sent by air freight? Also, will you send me an email that includes your current rates, as well as your scheduling? Do you have service where you specify the day and or the time when you will deliver the freight? If the freight is damaged during shipping, do you pay the replacement costs? Also, if you will include the contact information of someone at your company that I may speak with if I have any additional questions, I will appreciate it. Thanks for responding to my inquiry as soon as possible.