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Greer's Merchandising
Posted by: Luke Rhodes

I have to send a few cases of merchandise from our warehouse here in El Paso, Texas, in the United States. These few cases will be stacked and secured onto two pallets. The gross weight of this shipment will be slightly less than 237 pounds. Since our customer has requested air freight shipping to Panama, this is the transportation mode that we will use. How much are your standard shipment charges between these two locations? When can you deliver this cargo to Panama? Do you also offer a guaranteed delivery service? How much extra will that guaranteed delivery cost? Once the freight arrives at the airport in Panama, will our customer be required to pickup the freight at the air terminal? Or will your company deliver it to their location? What requirements must be met in order for this shipment to clear the Panamanian customs? If there are any problems with the customs clearance, will you notify us? Will you also present us with any available solutions that will allow our shipment to clear customs?