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Air Freight shipping to Indonesia

Posted by: Gabriele Penza

I am here to inquire about air freight shipping to Indonesia. I must ask you how is the best way to prepare my shipment. I must also ask you how much are your shipping charges, as well as when will you deliver this freight to Indonesia? Are there any limits on what we can ship by the air freight system? Does your company also have customs information as it pertains to Indonesia? What are the duties, taxes, or fees, that our shipment may incur? When are those charges applied, and who is responsible for paying them? What will happen if our shipment is delayed at customs? Will we be notified if there is a delay? If so, who will notify us? Will we be given options for us to pursue in order for our shipment to clear customs? Please also tell us what your available payment options, and if we can pay our shipping charges online. Thank you for making this information available.