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Freight container shipping to Belarus

Enclosure Designers Unlimited
Posted by: Penelope Foster

Enclosure Designers Unlimited is going to be doing some business with some clients in Belarus as we have just recently inked a deal where we have two resellers there that will be showcasing our products starting this summer. We need to find a freight container shipping company that can handle some shipments from our closest warehouse, which is located in Kaunas, Lithuania, to our new clients and resellers in Belarus. The bulk of these shipments will be taking place in the next month as they will need some lead time to get everything set up for our displays to go live in May. We have everything ready to go in our warehouses so please let me know what your time schedule is to get this project started as quickly as possible. When responding to this post, please include your route that you plan on taking and any permits or Customs fees that you anticipate us needing to have in order before we begin shipping with you.