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Air Freight shipping to Belize

Posted by: Lawson Baudhuin

I must connect with a company who can provide air freight shipping to Belize. The point of origin for this shipment is from our facility here at Marseilles, France. Does your company provide pickup service from our location? Which of the major air terminals will you take our shipment to for loading onto an aircraft? Will you also provide the delivery service to the final destination at Belize? What will be your estimate of when you will deliver this shipment? Is there any difference between standard air freight and expedited or express air freight? I ask because it seems that they would be the same since they are both shipped by air freight. Do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? Do you also offer a restricted delivery that will permit only the recipient of the delivery to actually receive it? How soon can you send your information to me? I have used my direct email address when I registered with this forum. So I think this will be the quickest means of communicating. Thank you for sending this.