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Air Freight shipping to Bolivia

Posted by: Kalanidhi Cancellieri

I am processing an order for my employer that will require air freight shipping to Bolivia. What makes this a bit more of a challenge for me is that the shipment will begin from our facility at Rome, Italy. So I do want to be certain that everything is properly arranged. The order will be ready for shipping by the middle of next week. How soon must I contact your company so that we can schedule a pickup appointment? What are your forms of payment that you will accept? When do we pay our shipping charges? Is it possible we can pay in advance? Regardless, will we have the option to pay our shipping charges online? Will it be possible for you to send me some information through my email account? Can you include your rate schedules? Will you also include a delivery estimate? I do appreciate your responding to my questions. I will also look forward to contacting you further once I have had time to review the information you are sending. Thank you for your efforts.