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Freight shipping for equipment to Pakistan

Carbon Findings Research Group
Posted by: Salvator Pesci

Carbon Findings Research Group is in need of some shipping services. We need to get some of our new equipment over to our offices and labs in Pakistan. The equipment that needs to be moved is currently being housed at another research location in Tbilisi, Georgia. I don't really care how you plan on moving this freight, just as long as whatever move happens within the next three weeks and our equipment makes it to Pakistan without a scratch on it. We will be requiring that the shipping company offer insurance on our shipments so include this additional fee in your price quotes. We will also be utilizing your tracking services so provide us with information pertaining to to this when you respond as well. If you can not handle this freight shipment in the next few weeks, please do not waste your time or mine by clogging up my answers to this posts. Only serious inquiries!