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Freight printing shipping to Guam (US)

Filmore Hoffman Enterprises
Posted by: Chrissie Wingfield

Filmore Hoffman Enterprises is the company I work for and I have been asked to find a suitable freight shipping company for us to work with moving forward. We need to ship our printing supplies to Guam from here in Argentina. I am not too concerned with the route that you take, as long as you indicate what it is before the shipment goes out the door. We will be shipping things like printer cartridges, printer spools, printer toner and ink, and replacement parts as well as actual printers. We will occasionally be sending printed material as well such as books or user manuals or maybe even some light promotional material. I can not imagine that this will be an overwhelming amount though, but thought I would mention it as an example of what we intend to ship. We will want to get some sort of tracking for our shipments so please indicate how we go about procuring that from your company.