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Freight vehicle parts shipping to Luxembourg

Martus Vehicle Rental Depot
Posted by: Jenny Martus

Good afternoon. My company, Martus Vehicle Rental Depot, is in need of a freight vehicle parts shipping company immediately. We are a car rental chain operating throughout Europe, but we also supply other car rental shops with car parts and supplies to repairs and fix their own inventory. Our warehouses are located in Plzen in the Czech Republic and we have an immediate opening for the route to Luxembourg. Please do not waste my time or yours if you are not licensed to ship between these two companies or if you do not already have your business insurance in place to do so legally. We are only going to start shipping once we have everything in place, from permits to Customs forms, so that we can minimize or even wipe out the potential for any unnecessary delays when trying to ship. Please ask any questions you may have before you submit a proposal to save time.