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Freight office shipping to Guinea

Blandershine Holdings Experts
Posted by: Gary Blandershine

Blandershine Holdings Experts is going to be doing some business along the Guinea coast in the coming months. I need to find a freight shipping company to help us move some of our products into the region. Our offices and warehouses are based in Mexico, along the Gulf in Tampico, if that helps with logistic. We are planning on shipping into Conakry, Guinea, but if you operate out of a different port in Guinea, we are open to changing this. We sell all sorts of office furniture and office accessories so this is what we will be shipping to Guinea via a freight shipping company. Some examples of what we ship include filing cabinets, book cases, art work and break room furniture. I can forward you a pdf of our catalog if you would like a better scope of our products or you can check out our web site- whichever you prefer.