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Commercial Freight shipping to Venezuela

The Bernie Parker Company
Posted by: Carmen Watkins

Hi there. My company, The Bernie Parker Company, is in need of some shipping quotes please. We are going to be shipping to Caracas, Venezuela starting in June of this year. We are a commercial company as opposed to a private company if that makes any difference in your pricing or your permits. And seeing how we are based out of Bogota, Columbia, we are specifically looking for a commercial freight shipping company that has a fleet of trucks that can handle this route. Ideally we would like to use a company that has done deliveries between these two destinations before, but this is not mandatory. We will be requiring that all companies that wish to be considered for this long term job to be licensed and insured. we can not work with a company who is not up to date on their insurance as a rule of thumb so please do not apply if you are not current. Sorry.