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Freight furniture shipping to Paraguay

Home Decor Experts LLC
Posted by: Frank Tumbles

Hi there. I need to ship a piece of furniture to Paraguay and need to find a company that can do this for me. I am with Home Decor Experts LLC which is based out of Chile, down in Santiago. One of our clients bought a piece of furniture from us here and wants it shipped to there summer home in Paraguay, and I have never shipped to that country before, thus the reason I am looking for help. The piece is an antique couch with wooden arm rests and legs that will need to be wrapped so they are protected. It is upholstered as well so hopefully you will be able to suggest the best way to ship it while keeping it safe and clean. I would like to get a tracking number on the shipment before I release it out the door so that both the client and I can keep an eye on its progress.