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Freight shipping of tools to Liechtenstein

FPT Tools Direct Inc
Posted by: Courtney Jones

Good day all. I am with FPT Tools Direct Inc and we sell high quality tools at affordable prices to the contractors and special company projects, mainly, although we do sell to other markets as well. We are based out of Lima, Peru but have clients all over the globe. Recently, we just got a new client in Liechtenstein, which leads me to this site. I need to find a freight shipping company to ship our tools to this new client in the very near future. They have not finalized their order yet, but so far it is shaping up to be about two large containers full of construction tools and machinery equipment. I can forward a completed packing list once we get the final word, or even a partial list of what we have so far if that would help on your end. Please ask whatever question you have before responding with a formal bid. Thanks,