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Freight school supply shipping to Egypt

Educate Me! School Supplies Inc
Posted by: Kurt Tamson

Hi there. I am looking for a freight shipping company to help my company, Educate Me! School Supplies Inc, get some products to a series of schools throughout Egypt. Out closest warehouse holding facility is in Konya, Turkey so all of the shipments will be coming from there. All shipments will be full of school supplies. We keep our prices down due to selling these supplies in bulk, making them affordable to almost all school districts. Examples of the kinds of things we offer are text books, pens and pencils, crayons, art supplies and chalk. (Our catalog is a good resource for seeing all the things we offer if you are looking for more details.) We are pretty flexible in the timing of our shipments as we try to get enough lead time so that things do not have to be rushed. That being said, we would still like to know our options for various shipping speeds in case we would need to send something quickly in the future.