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Need forwarder from US to Costa Rica

MK Milliwave

1. I need a reliable, responsable person in the US to box up small electronc parts (total less than 2 kgs) that I will have shipped to them from several vendors in the US in care of my company name. Then I will need that person to disregard any enclosed invoices and rebox all the parts in one box. I will fax or email a new invoice for them to use for customs purposes. I prefer DHL shipments so they must be able to ship DHL parcels. I will need this shipment once a month. can you provide this type of service? If not, can you offer me any suggestions? 2. every 4 months, 3 times a year i will need a large heavy air shipment +50kgs from the US to ship electronic test instruments and assembly equipment for my business. again I will need a reliable, responsible person in the US to replace invoices with ones I provide them.