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Hi, I would like a quotation for the following shipment: From: 141-16 81st avenue, NY 11435 To: 8, rue de l’Etoile, 31000 Toulouse (FRANCE) Global Weight: 400KG (900Lbs) - 4 boxes 40×20×20 - 2 boxes 34×19×15 - 1 box 30×16×13 - 2 boxes 50×35×11 - 1 box 45×30×9 All containing personal belongings, such as clothes, shoes, stationery, books, bikes, etc.. I was assigned here for my job, and now going back home after end of my contract. This quotation is quite urgent, since I need to submit it to my management for approval. Note: I would like this on a door to door basis. All is already packed and just need to be picked up, shipped and delivered. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Willy FORBIN